Music is a powerful teaching tool that develops the child emotionally, intellectually, cognitively and socially. T-n-D songs contain specific melodies and rhythmic patterns that exercise memory and logical thinking.  These songs are strategically combined with instrument playing and movement to develop motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Learning all concepts through music is fun and a great self esteem builder!



The movement element of the T-n-D method allows children to experience language through the physical body. For kinesthetic learners, this is especially important. Movement helps all children develop motor skills, physical coordination, balance and relieves stress. 



Because sign language involves hand movements and facial expressions, children use the visual-spacial part of the brain, which is also linked to reading.  Signing is incorporated into every lesson to further support visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning of the spoken language.  In addition, signing raises awareness of the Deaf culture. 



We begin every T-n-D class with a few moments seated in a circle, legs crossed with hands gently placed on knees ready to take a few deep breathes. This helps center children before engaging in any activities.  It is also done to calm and bring focus back to an activity at any point during the lesson. 

Talk n Drum is designed to bring the sound and rhythm of a language to children through fun activities that combine music and movement.

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