Become a certified operator of Talk-n-Drum
Who would be interested in a T-n-D license?
  • Persons looking to start a great home-based business for a low start-up cost

  • Multi-linguists with music background who want to combine their skills in a unique way to earn a steady income teaching young children

  • Moms-Dads who need to work around their own children’s schedule 

  • Directors/Teachers of preschools and daycare centers looking to revitalize their curriculum by incorporating an innovative language program

  • Home Schooling Networks

  • Music therapists who seek a language program with an expansive multiple-sensory approach that includes a repertoire of fresh, well composed songs 

Why the Talk-n-Drum License is today's opportunity?

Multi-Communications in the Global Community


As technology brings people around the globe closer, the need to communicate in more than one language gets stronger. 

Talk n Drum is a fun and creative way to introduce a second language to children as early as 8 months old.


Preschools, Daycare Centers and Homeschoolers Need Innovative Programs to Offer Children

Directors and teachers of preschools/daycare centers, and home-schoolers are in constant lookout for new programs to offer their young students. And because the best time for language acquisition is birth to 6 years of age, there is a particular interest in language programs (including American sign language). 


Low Cost Investment/Home Based Business

The Talk-n-Drum license is competitively priced. As a home based business, there is no additional rental fee or extra overhead expenses involved. Classes may be conducted at preschools, daycare centers, libraries, private spaces, churches, summer camp sites, art centers and museums. 

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