We nurture children's innate ability to learn through creative thinking and to cultivate a life long interest in all people and cultures that make up the global community.



 "We have been offering the Talk n Drum Language & Music Program at our center for the past eight years. The children enjoy the program while learning the basics of a new language. They also develop a sense of rhythm when singing in Spanish and moving to T-n-D songs. I highly recommend this program to any school that wants a a quality foreign language program that children will enjoy."

Sabrina Delgado, Executive Director 

New Rochelle Day Nursery NY

"The children at Montrose Chid Care Center have been enjoying Talk n Drum for years! The sessions are always high energy and incorporate music, movement, Spanish and sign-language into a beautifully woven learning experience! Recognizing that a multi sensory method of teaching is a highly effective way to learn most anything, especially in early childhood, which is what makes Talk n Drum stand apart from other programs. The children have fun and learn through the manipulation of musical instruments, singing and dancing. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning help lay the foundation for a positive early learning experience, as well as builds a strong base for learning a foreign language later in life. The children love it!!!"

Liz McCluskey, Assistant Director 
Montrose Child Care Center

"The YWCA in White Plains offers the Talk n Drum program. It is an excellent way to expose children to a new language through movement and music. I have known Nanette since she first started the program over 11 years ago. There is nothing out there like Talk n Drum!"


Rhonda Heumann, Director 

Children’s Learning Center


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